The Effects of Righteousness

When we feel discouraged because we’ve made mistakes or failed in some way, we can remember that God still sees us as righteous because of what Jesus did. We can take heart knowing that our standing with God doesn’t depend on what we do, but rather on the finished works of Jesus. When we’ve been born again and accepted by the Son, our sins will bring consequences to our lives, but they can’t ever undo our righteousness in God’s eyes.

Satan attacks our identity in Christ by always pointing out our flaws, but studying the Word shows us that what Jesus did for us will stand permanently, and can’t ever be erased (Romans 5:18, 19). Believing Jesus is the life and the resurrection makes us children of the King. Any guilt or shame we might have faced is now gone. In legal terms, we don’t have to be afraid of going before the judge because the charges against us have been dismissed. Jesus paid all the fines.

We never could have worked our way to salvation, because of the original sin that Adam created in the Garden of Eden when he disobeyed God. There was nothing you or I could have done to rectify the situation. Fortunately, Jesus’ obedience took care of the problem. He gave us that pardon we so desperately needed.
The effects of receiving our righteousness include:

  • The failure of our sins to overcome what Jesus did
  • The freedom from having to work under the Law for our righteousness
  • Our new status in God’s eyes, as saints instead of sinnersĀ 
  • Our divine identity, which was bought by Jesus’ blood
  • An ability to rule over sin
  • Status as beloved children who receive divine gifts from their Father
  • The difference our prayers make when we talk to God

The devil wants us to think we’re no longer right with God. His goal is to plant the seeds of doubt and questioning in our minds. But we’re justified by our faith in Jesus, and the Scriptures are crystal clear on this fact (1 John 2:1, 2). Jesus is the Son and is Grace personified, and so our faith has real power over the forces of darkness.

God picked us out as His own before the beginning of time (Ephesians 1:4, 5, AMP) out of love for us. Our acceptance of Jesus makes us brothers and sisters in Christ, and therefore children of the Father, adopted into His heavenly family. Jesus’ blood held the power not just to cover our sins, but to completely wash them away, allowing us to stand clean and blameless before God (Colossians 1:22).

God’s righteousness gives us a new identity and makes us new creatures in Christ. Our old identity has passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17), and we can make a fresh start. We’re saints in this life, here and now, without even having to wait until we get to heaven. God’s abundant grace gives us the gift of righteousness, which helps us rule over sin (Romans 5:17).

Prayers are a heartfelt talk with God, and righteousness opens up the lines of communication with Him. When we pray not just for ourselves but for others through intercessory prayer, God hears us and honors our requests. Our prayers become more powerful when we stand on Jesus’ righteousness (James 5:16).

– Creflo A. Dollar