World Changers has several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman of any age, student or a child, we have a ministry designed just for you.

Children's Ministry
Promotes fun while building character and teaching children 12 years old and younger the fundamental principles of Christianity. More...
Radical Women’s Ministry
As sisters in one Body, our mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended for her to be.More..
A program designed to help empower and build the self-esteem and self-worth of women who are involved in the sex industry, including, but not limited to, prostitutes and exotic dancers. More..
Body Sculpting Center
This department promotes the development of a personal fitness regimen and healthy lifestyle for its participants. In addition to nutritional counseling, training and the frequent seminars hosted by nutritionists and certified trainers, individuals may also participate in step aerobics, body sculpting classes (weight training), cardio kickboxing, running and walking.More...

Other Ministries

Bondage Breakers
A group therapy program geared toward individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. With patience, determination and assistance from program graduates, individuals and their family members strive to uncover and understand the reasons behind the addictions and work through the issues that affect the users and their loved ones. Annual seminars focus on training and educating facilitators and family members in the spiritual and clinical treatment of addicts.

Boy Scouts
A World Changers Church International (WCCI) chartered Boy Scouts chapter uses a hands-on approach to build character in boys and young men through activities that promote teamwork, initiative, creativity and problem-solving and those that cover citizenship, first-aid, outdoor survival and the development of a personal fitness program. Three times a month, Boy Scouts participate in organized events such as camping retreats.

Boys Mentoring
This program is geared toward boys 6-18 years old who come from single-parent homes. It provides the boys with a positive male role model who can impart wisdom and teach them the practical life skills that will enable them to succeed.

Families & Mentors (FAM)
A mentoring program for families who live in low-income communities and receive government assistance. Through training and counseling, FAM assists these families in becoming self-sufficient.

Financial Resources
A network of professionals that offers a variety of services to the community, such as biweekly financial workshops, tax return preparation assistance, personal financial counseling, and informative workshops and seminars designed to educate and empower individuals to make wise financial decisions.

G.E.D. Preparation
In a classroom setting, students with a ninth to 12th grade reading level master the skills needed to pass the high-school equivalency test (GED) and receive a high school diploma. Students must take assessment tests at the beginning and at the end of the program.

General Tutorial
Offers tutorial services on Mondays and Saturdays to students in grades K-12 needing assistance in Reading, Math, English and SAT preparation.

Girls Mentoring
This program is geared toward girls 6-18 years old who come from single-parent homes. It provides the girls with a positive female role model who can impart wisdom and teach them the practical life skills that will enable them to succeed.

Home School Fellowship
Provides opportunities for parents who home-school their children to come together to solve problems, share ideas and enjoy fun activities with their children such as field trips and seminars. Families may also register for elective classes to supplement their curricula of choice.

Housing Resources
A network of mortgage brokers, real estate agents and bank representatives that offers information, assistance, resources and personal consultations to individuals and families desiring to improve their current housing status.

The Judah Generation
This program transports children from surrounding Metro-Atlanta communities to the World Changers Ministries (WCM) campus for the Super Saturday church service. Children are fed breakfast and are then taught basic biblical principles through a variety of fun-filled activities geared toward their specific age-range. Judah Generation, through creative and biblically sound methods, instills positive values in children. As such, parents, community leaders and law enforcement officials have seen a tremendous change for the better in the areas where these children live.

Legal Resources
A group of legal professionals that empowers individuals with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Complimentary services include consultations, dispute resolution and seminars that address specific legal issues.

Men's Fellowship
Our mission is to develop strong friendships and accountability among the men of World Changers Church International through regular gatherings and group interaction, and ultimately build the character of Jesus Christ into every man who involves himself with the Men’s Fellowship.

Ministry of Resources
Provides a point of contact to those with social service needs. Resource coordinators assist these individuals in acquiring resources such as food, clothing and shelter through financial counseling and aid, Discount Buying Club purchases and the WCCI Thrift Store.

Mothers of Preschoolers(MOPS)
MOPS is a ministry program for stay-at-home mothers of children five years old and younger. With the encouragement, support and friendship of other mothers in the program, coupled with educational tools and life skills training, these women learn how to augment their skills as mothers, enhance their relationships with their spouses and strengthen their Christian beliefs. Individuals are also assigned to specific discussion groups tailored to their interests or needs. In addition, during these meetings, the children are cared for through the MOPPETS program

Nursing Home Ministry
Conducts weekly visits to those residing in nursing homes and provides individual and group counseling. Gifts are also distributed during the holiday season.

Operation Nehemiah
A coalition of independent and professional contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and general laborers that volunteer their time and skills to assist elderly and handicapped individuals in need of home repair.

Overcomers Ministry
A group therapy approach to developing wholeness in the lives of homosexuals and bisexuals. It is a vehicle to help individuals discover and understand their true identity according to the Word of God.

Pre-G.E.D. Preparation
With the help of tutors, students with a fifth to eighth grade reading level master the skills needed to advance to the GED Preparation program.

Prison Ministry
This program brings compassion, caring and church services to inmates in correctional facilities throughout the southeastern and southwestern United States. It offers group and individual counseling as well as encouragement through written correspondence. In addition, WCCI donates books, tapes and Bibles for the spiritual and mental edification of prisoners.

Victory in Education
Promotes academic advancement through a variety of programs and offers assistance in Reading, Math, English and SAT Preparation.