World Changers Ministries Body Sculpting Center helps set a standard of discipline for optimal physical fitness. We do this by offering training programs, proper exercise techniques, and balanced nutritional information to be applied in a practical and effective manner. We provide an atmosphere of encouragement and a structure designed for the ease and safety of all participants; therefore, making a mark in ultimate fitness results.

Philosophy The Body Sculpting Center focuses on maintaining a warm, Christian atmosphere for all who enter our doors. Regardless of shape, size, sex or ability, all are welcome. Our goal is to hear your desires and aid you in successfully reaching them.

The Body Sculpting Center is a fitness center continuously on the move aiming for the ultimate level of excellence. We have a professional and sensitive staff, therefore, our members do not have to feel the need to be flawless or have feelings of self-consciousness. The Body Sculpting Center is dedicated to safety and assisting you in achieving a body that is fit for the Master’s use.

Membership Amenities
  • Nautilus Area
  • Free Weight Area
  • Cardiovascular Equipment including Bikes, Stair Climbers, Elliptical Gliders and Treadmills
  • Lockers and Showers
  • Heavenly Smoothies, Inc
  • Free Body Assessments
There is always a staff member on duty during all hours that the center is open. Please don’t hesitate to direct all questions and concerns to the staff on duty. A monthly newsletter is produced to educate all members on important health information, upcoming activities, programs, and general center updates. These are available at the front desk. To assist members with achieving their personal fitness objectives, professional certified personal trainers are readily available. A closely supervised program is developed to maximize results after an initial discussion to identify priorities. A complimentary hand towel and headset is provided for each workout in exchange for identification.