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Book Release

January 20, 2014

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. – Dr. Creflo Dollar, pastor, teacher and founder of Creflo Dollar Ministries (CDM), releases his latest book, “Overcoming Fear: Eliminating the Bondage of Fear,” on Jan. 23. The book teaches Christians that fear is not a normal part of life, shouldn’t be tolerated as such, and how God can bring victory.Statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health ( reveal that the majority of Americans struggle with all sorts of irrational and unnecessary fears — from fear of public speaking to fear of death. Unfortunately, fear is just as rampant among professing Christians as it is in the public at large.

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Creflo Dollar’s ‘Change Experience’ to Kick Off in Tallahassee on Jan. 9

December 12, 2013

The Tallahassee “Change Experience” is free and open to the public. Registration via the ministry’s web site is encouraged. The convention opens with an evening session of worship and teaching on Thursday and a full day of morning, afternoon and evening sessions on Friday. Dollar will be presenting a major gift on behalf of CDM to Refuge House (, a local domestic and sexual violence center serving the eight counties of the Big Bend. The organization provides domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines, emergency shelters, counseling and assistance in securing protective orders.

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Creflo Dollar Launches “Grace Movement”

October 22, 2013

COLLEGE PARK, GA – Creflo Dollar will launch “Grace Institute: A Call to Grace,” in Montgomery, AL, the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, Nov. 7-8. The first of three Grace Institute events, with others following in 2014, this teaching series will be presented to pastors and other ministry leaders to spread the message of grace, with the hope of spurring a movement based on the concept across the nation.

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Creflo Dollar Honored for Leadership and Philanthropy by Atlanta NAACP

October 21, 2013

COLLEGE PARK, GA – Creflo Dollar, pastor, teacher, and leader of World Changers Church International, was recently recognized by the NAACP for his leadership and philanthropic work in the Atlanta community. The NAACP Jondelle Johnson Freedom Fund Dinner honored Dollar and other top leaders in the Atlanta area.

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Courier News

January 11, 2008

Dollar helping to define life's worth, by Bob Makin

Dr. Creflo A. Dollar always wanted to live up to his name by becoming a millionaire. But he also wanted to be a pastor and preach the word of God.

As a televangelist whose books, CDs, DVDs and personal appearances are in high demand, he has done both. He will sign copies of his latest book, "8 Steps to Create the Life You Want: The Anatomy of a Successful Life," from 1 to 3 p.m. today at Barnes & Nobile, 240 Route 22 W., Springfield.

The appearance comes at a time when Dollar's success is under scrutiny.

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Precious Times

Winter, 2008

Creflo and Taffi Dollar

Did you ask every question we wanted an answer! I really do like the way you go behind the camera and lights and ask about the rumors and perceptions. Keep going after the truth. Thanks for allowing them to address us. Kevin J., Washington, D.C.

This article was insightful. I learned a lot about the Dollars, and most of all, I heard their hearts. I am not really into televangelism, and I realized after reading this article that these two people see themselves as pastors not only to their two churches but also to anyone who will give them an ear. It gave me a sense of understanding that I didn't have before. Question, can you sit the other television ministers down, and let us hear from them? Carolyn B., Pittsburgh, Penn.

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Ebony Magazine

February, 2008

Blessed Love, by Joy T. Bennett

He is the founder of World Changers Ministries of College Park, Ga. She is executive director of the ministry, CEO of Arrow Records, the ministry's recording company, and mother of the couple's five children. How they met: They met at West Georgia College in the early 1980s when she attended a Bible class he taught at college. Marital status: They have been married since 1985. She says: "We keep God first and each other second." He says: "She's the balance in my life," he says. "She's not only the balance, but a lot of times when there are strong decisions that need to be made, when she and I get together, it really helps us to get the mind of God on certain things. Besides her being the love of my life, the balance of my life, the friend in my life, I don't want to live without her."

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Jet Magazine

January 16, 2006

Creflo and Taffi Dollar, by Dana Slangle

Leading more than 20,000 parishioners keeps Dr. Creflo Dollar on the go. Add to that, the founder of World Changers Ministries (WCM) of College Park, GA, reaches nearly a billion people a day through his award-winning show, "Changing Your World." The author, speaker, teacher and publisher also oversees ministries and staff members of his global organization, which includes World Changers Church International.

As executive director of WCM, CEO of Arrow Records, the ministry's recording company, and leader of the Women's Fellowship, Taffi Dollar works alongside her husband in many capacities. "I'm pretty flexible. It may be preaching, it may be conducting business meetings, it may be traveling - just whatever," explains Taffi, the mother of the couple's five children, who often teaches on family and parenting topics. As a minister's wife, she hopes she helps others "understand God's will and purpose for their life and to see themselves fitting within God's overall picture," she says.

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Essence Magazine

December, 2005

A Dollar and a Dream, by Isabel Wilkerson

This is not your typical storefront church with the after service fish fry. This is another world. You know you're getting close when traffic comes to a dead stop near the pawn shops on Old National Highway south of Atlanta.

I sit in traffic with the masses, watching as some people give up, park on a grassy median, and walk the rest of the way, Bibles in hand. Farther up around the corner, sheriff's deputies direct the hordes. The congregants are in Sunday-go-to-meeting suits, sneakers and stilettos, cut-off jeans and baggy T-shirts, dreadlocks and do-rags. There's an urgency about their stride, a thrill, even, as if they are part of something bigger than themselves, bigger than most any churchgoer could imagine.

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